Wednesday 11.8.2017


Wednesday 11.8.2017


Pause Front Squat
Build to heavy set of 3

“Dilly Dilly”
For Time:

50/35 Calorie row
50 T2B

Box Brief:
Bring A Friend Day is this Thursday!!

Our very own Derek Weida is competing this Saturday in Arizona at The Rush Club. Wish him luck when you see him and let’s cheer him on this weekend!

Have a plan or plan to fail.  Meal Prep is the cornerstone of any nutrition plan.  Without it, we will struggle to maintain consistency and eventually fall of completely.  Check out these tips that have worked well for us personally and our clients.  If food prep seems daunting, start out small.  Pick one meal you struggle with the most and prep quality foods in bulk at the beginning of the week.  Give it a go and comment below if you have any questions.