Wednesday 12.6.2023


Wednesday 12.6.2023


Front Squat
4 x 3 @ 60X1 at 75%

Core Finisher
2 sets:

16x Dead Bug + Pull Over (8 each side)
16x Hollow Hold Press (8 each side)
20-30s Plank + Iso Row Hold (each side)
20-30s Bottom Up Carry (each side)

Box Brief:
Battle of the Sexes

We LOVE seeing y’all post about your activities and friends at Apollo and of course, tagging us in those posts. To that end we’d like to have a little competition. Who shares the most.
2 weeks. Dec. 4th-15th. The prize? The workout posted for the 16th will be harder for the team that loses/easier for the team that wins .

  • Girls vs Boys
  • Post whatever you like that connects you to Apollo or it’s people. Can be a Post, Reel or a Story.
  • Be sure you Tag Apollo
  • Post as much as you like but an individual can only get 1 point per day.
  • Tally sheet will be on the whiteboard. One side is welcome to double check the other.