Wednesday 2.7.2024


Wednesday 2.7.2024


Bench Press
Build to heavy set of 3

“Underbelly Part 2”
50 – 35 – 20

Double Unders

-Directly Into-

50 – 35 – 20
Double Unders
5 – 3 – 2
Rope Climbs

Box Brief:
Congrats to Marina for being the a February Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Marina.


So, where you from girl and what brought you to Vegas? What surprised you about Vegas.
I was born in Texas, raised in Oklahoma, and moved to Vegas in 2022 from Nashville, Tennessee! My wonderful husband, Shane, is stationed here with the Air Force, so when we got married in 2022, moving to Vegas was part of the deal! What surprised me the most about Vegas is that such a huge city exists in a desert with so few natural resources! I’ve never lived in the desert before, never had an Astroturf backyard before. When I was a kid, we dug rocks out of our soil to plant a garden. Now, we pull all the little plants out of our rocks!

You are very musical. What instruments do you play and what is your background in that area?
I play the fiddle (aka violin), mandolin, guitar, and I sing and write music. I started playing the violin at age 2, and started performing professionally around age 6. I’m trying to start a band, so if y’all know any banjo, guitar, or bass players in Vegas, I would love to meet them!

I know you have eclectic interests, including “cowboy poetry” and “ballerina farmers”, What else do you like to do for fun?
Y’all gotta check out the Elko Cowboy Poetry Festival if you ever get the chance! Monica might make fun of the idea of cowboy poetry, but it’s one of the coolest festivals I have ever been to! It’s in Elko, NV, every February.

Describe your dream vacation and your dream job.
I already get to live out so many of my dreams! Playing music, working on big construction projects, traveling, having a wonderful marriage, weightlifting, to name a few. But I think it would be so fun to have a job that involves being outdoors and working on horseback. Cattle ranching, guiding horseback trips in the mountains.. pretty much anything involving animals and the outdoors, I’m in!

Tell us something about you that most people don’t know.
I am a mechanical engineer, but I quit my job in 2021 so I could move to Nashville to be a full-time musician! I played fiddle full-time for a year and a half, and wrote and released my debut album, which is on all digital streaming services under the name Marina Pendleton. I’m engineering again now, working for the Southern Nevada Water Authority!