Wednesday 2.8.2023


Wednesday 2.8.2023

Robbi & Shelby F

“Gluteus Maximus”
For Time:

2000/1800 Meter Row
200 Double Unders
200 Meter Walking Lunge

Nutrition of the Week:
Let’s talk about scale weight.

First, the number on the scale is just one data point we can use to track progress. Some clients find it triggering and I get that. Other ways to track progress are how clothes are fitting, measurements, PRs in the gym, how you feel. Your weight day to day is not important. We are looking for overall trends over time.

Factors that go into the number between your toes:

Meal timing and food in the gut. If you are later in the day and you are still digesting, that can show up on the scale.

Sodium. If you had more sodium (it hides in things like salsa, salad dressing, deli meat) you will likely retain some water and it will show up on the scale. It will settle out after a few days of good hydration.

Alcohol. Initially after a night of drinking, the morning after you may see weight go down. It will likely then increase the next day and it will take a few days for weight to normalize. Don’t freak out, just stay hydrated and consistent. This is also why I recommend limiting or eliminating alcohol during a fat loss cycle-not worth the emotional rollercoaster lol.

Stress. If you are really stressed out and/or not sleeping well it can show up on the scale. It has to do with the body protecting itself against that stress-it will hang onto weight.

Inflammation. If you hit a hard workout the day before and you are feeling some muscle soreness, that can also increase the weight you see on the scale.

Reminders: to lose weight you need to be in a targeted and sustained calorie deficit. To gain weight, you need to be in a consistent calorie surplus. it is IMPOSSIBLE to gain 4 lbs of FAT overnight. It’s likely one of the factors above.