Wednesday 4.19.2023


Wednesday 4.19.2023

Ricky, Greyson & Sean

6 x 5 @RPE 8.5

Bench Press
6 x 5 @RPE 8.5

Nutrition of the Week:

SO we obviously all want to lose weight/looked ripped/fill in the blank and we want it RIGHT NOW!! What I have learned over the years coaching nutrition clients is that results are almost always possible-however the TIMELINE in which those results will happen is often much longer than the client wants.

My challenge to you is don’t adjust goals, but do adjust your timeline. Often weight loss will require several fat loss cycles with periods of reversing to maintenance in between, planning your meals and hitting your targets, day in and day out. Building muscle and strength takes many strength cycles, careful attention to reps and weights, as well as fueling that training-again day in and day out. Good things take time.

Set that big goal, but give yourself time to get there in a way that isn’t so restrictive that you quit and restart, negating any progress you could be making. Small changes over time will lead to reaching those big goals.

Let me know if you have any questions-I’m here to help!