Wednesday 4.5.2023


Wednesday 4.5.2023


4 x 3 @RPE 7.5

Bench Press
4 x 3 @RPE 7.5

Nutrition of the Week:
WEEKENDS can make or break your progress. Let’s talk about it.
Sunday night, you are diligently meal prepping, getting all your lunches and dinners organized and breakfasts under control. You have a plan. You know you are going to crush Monday-Friday because you’ve already done the work, now you just follow the plan. By Friday, you are feeling great, you’ve put in a good week at the gym, your food has been on point-so why not loosen the reins a little bit? You’ve earned it, right?
Well sure you have, but also no. If your goal is to lean out, that goal is not just a Mon-Fri thing. If your goal is to build muscle mass, same idea. YOU CAN”T OUTWORK A BAD DIET. Being strict 5 out of 7 days only gets you to 71% consistency for the week. If you have specific goals, you need to hold yourself accountable on the weekends too.
Here’s how:

  • Meal prep to include Saturday and Sunday. At the very least, dial in breakfast and lunch.
  • Plan to be unplanned-if you know you are going out for dinner/lunch/brunch/etc, make the rest of your day focused on protein+veggies and staying hydrated.
  • Bring along snacks that fit your goals so you can avoid drive thru’s and junk food when hunger strikes
  • Always have your water bottle on hand so you can stay hydrated, also if you drink alcohol- have a water in between alcoholic beverages.