Wednesday 6.21.2023


Wednesday 6.21.2023


Every 90 Seconds for 21 Minutes
Power Clean + Squat Clean


Back Squat
Build to heavy

Bench Press
Build to heavy

Build to heavy

Nutrition of the Week:
The Cycle of Overeating and Restricting
Let’s say you overdid things a bit last weekend. It was Father’s Day, the Knights won the cup-you celebrated hard! Naturally on Monday, you plan to hit some salads, maybe choke down some chicken breast and you feel a little drained by Wednesday, but overall, you feel a little leaner. Thursday night rolls around and you grab a handful of chips/popcorn/cookies at the end of the day because you’ve been strict all week so what’s the harm. All the sudden-you’re face first in a bag of Fritos like a raccoon wondering what happened!!!???

I bet most of us have found ourselves in a similar scenario at some point in time. We think “I just need more discipline” or “If I never EAT chips/things I like I’ll never OVEREAT them” but the truth is, maybe you were just hungry and over restricting, and at some point, something’s gotta give. You either must replace those missed calories in a healthy way or find a better way to manage your intake overall.

My challenge to you this week is to try to keep your daily intake EVEN throughout the week. Meaning that you don’t have a crazy out of control day BECAUSE you evenly distribute your food throughout the week and make sure to feed yourself enough (even including things you actually like to eat) each day. For some of us, this is a big challenge. It means paying attention to your intake, whether through a tracking app or writing things down. For others, it may mean really being honest with yourself about what you are tracking, every bite. Some people may find it difficult not to restrict themselves because it’s become a habit after so many years of overeating on the weekends and then restricting during the week-rinse and repeat. Try it this week and see how you feel. If you need additional accountability, reach out!