Wednesday 6.28.2023


Wednesday 6.28.2023


Front Squat
5 x 5
After each set complete 8-10 strict pull-ups.

Nutrition of the Week:
Checking in from last week’s challenge!

Did you track your intake or at least pay closer attention to what you were eating? What did you learn?

Were you able to spread your food out throughout the day and keep your day-to-day intake pretty consistent? If not, why or where can you make changes? How was your energy, sleep, recovery from workouts? Did you find yourself reaching for the snack bag or were you able to feel satisfied by feeding yourself more consistently?

This week-try to go for some easy wins. Keep your intake consistent throughout the week and try adding in one of the following:
-go to bed a half hour earlier and/or shut screens off a half hour earlier
-add in some fruits and veggies to your daily plan (berries, carrots, bell peppers, apples, etc)
-take your water bottle along and try to finish one full bottle each day
Becoming more aware of your intake and taking small steps will be more sustainable in the long run!