Wednesday 8.2.2017


Wednesday 8.2.2017

Kelly & Rod

Back Squat
Find 1 rep max
1 x 5 @ 85% of today’s 1 rep max

Box Brief:
Since Apollo opened back in 2011, we have been competitive at local and regional competitions. This past year we missed qualifying a team for regional’s by just 3 points.  While we understand it’s not the goal for 99% of us to compete in the sport of fitness, there are many who wish to take their fitness to that next level. We all take pride in our competitors and how they stack up against the best in the world. For this purpose we have revamped our competitor program and qualification process.

On August 26th, we will hold our first Apollo Combine. This will consist of 11 different tests (go to members page) counted and recorded by one of our judges. After the combine is complete our coaches will select a group of dedicated athletes to work with through the 2018 season. Keep in mind this is a try out. There are no predetermined standards to automatically qualify you for the class.

We invite anyone interested in being a part of next year’s regional team or individual competition. Everyone is welcome to come watch as our athletes throw down and give it their all. See you there!

Result of messing with Kelly