Wednesday 8.30.2023


Wednesday 8.30.2023

Ryan B

5 Rounds Not for Time:
5 Bar Muscle-ups/10 Pull-ups
1 Bear Complex

The Importance of Rest Days:

CrossFit has always had a lot to say about rest days. Back in the day, the recommended schedule was 3 days on, 1 day off, allowing you to get 6 training days in with 2 rest days. The idea behind this format was that you could really maximize your intensity during your 3 days on, while allowing your body to recover during your rest days. Doing this correctly means that you will not only need those rest days, but you will also WANT those rest days. Unfortunately for most of us, the traditional work week kind of gets in the way of this ‘ideal’ training schedule. It doesn’t negate the idea of rest days though. You need to be giving your body time to recover and taking rest days could be the missing link as to why you’re not making gains, sleeping well, or keep getting injured. Check out the following link to learn more about rest days and how to implement them into your training schedule: CrossFit | Recovery Strategies: How to Know When to Take a Day Off (and When to Keep Going)