Tuesday 3.31.2020

“Climbing Mt.Wuhan”
15 Minute Ladder:

4 Hand release push-ups
4 Mountain climbers
100 Meter overhead carry
8 Hand release push-ups
8 Mountain climbers
100 Meter overhead carry

Monday 3.30.2020

“Deck of Cards Solo”
Complete the Deck for Time:

Spades – Goblet Squats
Clubs – Burpees
Diamonds – Sit-ups
Hearts – G2OH

Face cards and Aces = 10 repetitions
No jokers

Sunday 3.29.2020

Sunday Active Recovery WOD
It’s that time of the week! We found a great 30 minute yoga routine specifically designed for beginners. Let’s use this day to help ourselves recover from a tough week of training. As always, enjoy your Sunday and we’ll have another workout posted tomorrow.

Saturday 3.28.2020

30-35 Minutes For Max Distance:
Run, Row, Bike or Swim
If you ran for 30 minutes last week and you felt good then up that time domain by 5 minutes. Depending on how thrashed you are from the week will dictate intensity. Listen to your body!


Explore Hiking Trail
Each Saturday during this “quarantine” we encourage everyone to go out and express your fitness in ways other than just a workout. Get out there and have some fun.

Wednesday 3.25.2020

4 Rounds: Not For Time
6-10 Tempo Push-ups 3333
6-10 Tempo bulgarian split squats 3333
60 Seconds flutter kicks/scissor kicks

The tempo for the push-ups and split squats is a 3 second hold at the top, a 3 second descent, a 3 second hold at the bottom, and then a 3 second ascent.