October 4th, 2012


8 rounds 20 Seconds, 10 seconds rest at each movement

  • SDLHP (54/36)
  • Pull Ups
  • Rowing
  • HSPU

**1 Minute rest after each movement**

This Saturday and Sunday at 12, we will be weighing and measuring everyone again. We will also be doing the Post WOD. You will hold onto your binders and turn them in no later than Wednesday next week. This is because the competition doesn’t end until you wake up Monday morning. Remember, you need to have every single day filled in with your points. You also need to have kept track of exactly what you ate EVERY SINGLE DAY to qualify for prizes and your money back.

**NOTE** A cheat meal counts as -3 points. The most points you can get in one day for 5 perfectly Paleo meals is 15 points.For example: If you had 4 perfectly Paleo meals and one cheat, you have 9 points for that days meals. 4X3=12 MINUS -3=9.

If that does not make sense or you have any questions, please comment and let us know.

We will be scoring everyone the same and we will be doing the math ourselves for every single person.

***PRIZES*** Apollo’s one 1 year anniversary is coming up on October 10th. We will be celebrating it on Saturday October 13th. We will announce and give out money and prizes that day. So, you better show up!!!