May 23rd, 2013

EMOM for 15 Minutes:

  • 2-Dead Lifts

Score= Low/High

On Memorial Day (next monday) we will be open for our “Memorial Day Murph” at 10 am. This will be our ONLY class of the day. This will also be a BBQ!! So bring something to share. We will provide the burgers and hot dogs, we just ask that everyone else bring a side to share.

Please read the book “Lone Survivor” before next Monday. If you need an audio copy of this book let Courtney or Chad know. They have a copy of it so let us know fast. Its not a big book but it will give this workout new meaning.

If you don’t have time to read the book then please read through this link: http://www.navy.mil/moh/mpmurphy/oc.html

We will be closed Next Friday and Saturday (May 31st-June 1st) because of Regionals. We will be back to a normal schedule starting June 3rd.