Friday 3.22.2024


Friday 3.22.2024

Collette & Lea

“Green Light”
10 Rounds:

5 Toes to Bar
5 Push Jerks (115/95)
50 Box Jumps (24/20)

Box Brief:
Congrats to Dustin for being the March Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Dustin.


Congrats on being our March Member of the Month!!! This is one of the most prestigious titles anyone has been given. What is another title of yours that means a lot, and why?
The title of dad is probably the most demanding and important yet rewarding title I’ve had. I have four awesome children that keep me busy and entertained! Watching them grow up over the years has been priceless. I’m enjoying spending time with them more than ever now that they are a little older and I have a little more free time myself.

You have recently made some big health and fitness changes, and we often see you practicing after class-what is your next goal?
I have seen significant gains since deciding to focus on my fitness level a few months ago, and it has given me additional motivation to continue the trend. I decided to focus each month on a skill set that I can’t do or I’m not good at, so I started with muscle-up March, because it needs to have a catchy name. I have a few months planned out to focus on and improve my strength, cardio and mobility, all with equally catchy names!

Congrats on your retirement, thank you for your service. What is your favorite thing about retiring from the military?
Thank you, I officially retired from the Air Force last October and was hired by United Airlines. I love the amount of time off my current job provides. It allows me to be more involved with the kids and focus on fitness. Most of all it’s less stressful than going mach 2 with your hair on fire (obligatory Top Gun quote, you’re welcome) and I’m loving it.

If you were going to program a workout for us to do at Apollo, what would it be?
Something competitive in nature pitting the morning classes against the afternoon/evening groups for bragging rights. I think most Apollo members are competitive and identify with their morning or afternoon tribe, and who doesn’t like a competition?

If you could have one superpower-what would it be and why?
To fly! It’s my passion but it would be easier if I didn’t need an airplane to do it.

What is one piece of advice you would go back and give your younger self?
To steal the old Nike slogan and Just Do It! There are many mental barriers that hold us back from achieving our passions, I’m too young/old, I’m not ready, I don’t deserve it, the timings not right to name a few I’ve definitely thought. It’s all in your mind! You can do it, you just have to decide to.