Tuesday 11.1.2022


Tuesday 11.1.2022

For Time:

2000 Meter Row
200 Double Unders
1 Mile Run

Question of the Week:
When is it okay to put Christmas decorations up?

Box Brief:
We proudly present to you, the Great Attendance Challenge!
It’s simple.

We challenge you to attend 20 group classes in November.

Why? Because consistency matters. Unfortunately, going to the gym during holiday season can be difficult. So we decided to add some extra incentive to maintain your fitness during the season of candy and cake.

So here’s how it works.

Go to class. We will keep track of your attendance using the whiteboard. Be sure your coach writes your name down.

Only group classes count toward your total. Open gym, workouts done at home, a hike – they don’t count. Don’t even ask. Sorry, not sorry.

Only one class per day counts toward your total. So if you attend 5 classes in one day (why?), you still only have 1 class to your total.

What happens if you do hit that 20 mark?

We’re glad you asked.

For all of you who earn that magical number of 20 classes – we’ll enter you to win BACK your November membership fee. That’s right, we’ll draw ONE name from the pool of folks that hit 20 classes. If your name is selected you basically become a paid athlete.