Wednesday 11.2.2022


Wednesday 11.2.2022

Bench Press
5 @ 40% of 1RM
5 @ 50%
5 @ 60%

4 Rounds:
30 Kettlebell Swings (53/36)
20 Ring Dips

Nutrition of the Week:
What happens if I overdo it?

We just had our first holiday of the season and I have some clients saying things like-it was a really busy weekend, we had tons of events and somehow I landed face first in the candy bowl on Halloween. Now is a good time to talk about how to approach holidays/special events and the day after an OOPS moment with your nutrition.

I would say there are two typical reactions to overdoing it. One, people will just free fall into the void-whether it’s nacho cheese or candy and desserts, bring it on because who cares anymore??? The other, people will WAY overcorrect and become super into salads and treat celery like a major food group because who doesn’t love celery???

I’d like to challenge you to do something different the next time you overshoot. What if-instead of doing anything extreme-you just woke up the next day, planned out your meals to hit your protein, hydration, and fueled your body appropriately? After working with tons of people. I can say with confidence that consistency over a long period wins out over perfection every time. We can have fun, enjoy our holidays and still hit our goals if we stay focused and don’t let one instance turn into a month of who cares.