Tuesday 2.8.2022


Tuesday 2.8.2022


Back Squat – Week 4
Track A
4 @ 55% of 1RM
3 @ 65%
2 @ 75%
1 @ 80%
1 @ 86%
1 @ 94%

Track B
5 Reps Moderate
5 Reps Moderate
5 Reps Heavy
5 Reps Heavier
5 Reps Heaviest

Pull-up + Push-up – Week 4
Complete Either of the Following Tracks for Both Strict Pull-ups & Push-ups

Track A
3 Sets:
Max Unbroken at Week 1 Progression

Track B
6 Sets

Tomorrow’s Forecast:
Run – Muscle-ups – Handstand Push-ups – Kettlebell Swings

Box Brief:
Congrats to Brent for being the February Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Brent.

Congrats on being the February Member of the Month! Do you feel any different? Like you’re walking on clouds or nervous about all the paparazzi you’re about to deal with?
I feel like it’s about time; I mean, Parker and George won back in 2017 after running very successful campaigns. Honestly, I just appreciate finally receiving the recognition I deserve as I have been a member as far back as when Chad was a competitive cross fitter in the games. Ok, seriously, this time, I am delighted to achieve this prodigious award and look forward to every member congratulating me this month, individually.

How did you get started in CrossFit, and what keeps you coming back to Apollo?

I actually started attempting CrossFit in 2012 at Squadron Officer School down at Maxwell AFB in Alabama when two of my classmates asked me to attend. Still, it wasn’t until I started at Apollo that I really started.

When it comes to Apollo, it has become a place where most of my friends go and where I meet new ones. As a result, my Apollo membership has evolved beyond CrossFit. It now ranges from people who meet to discuss books monthly (yes, we do read books), this guy who cuts my hair ok, another one that runs my real estate transactions, many that share advice on child-rearing, and all of the coaches that are continually impressed by my wit. I mean, I have been gone for the last three years, and it took about 3 mins to get back into the fold; why wouldn’t I keep coming back to Apollo.

What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? Don’t hold back!
Don’t worry, I won’t. I even asked my wife for approval. So as far back as I can remember, I tend to sleepwalk when stressed. The first time I was caught was by my father and stepmother as I tried to walk out the front door to go wait for the bus at 3am with my backpack in my underwear. Fast forward a few years to when I was a young regional bank manager who traveled for work about a week a month. I was in Pittsburgh working on a new promotion and stressing about a successful launch. It was about 3am when I heard a loud click and woke up. Unfortunately, the loud click was my hotel door slamming shut. At this point, I realized where I was, and the fact that I was buck naked and being buck naked meant that it was a reasonable probability that I didn’t have my room key. Thus, I did what anyone would do in that situation. I walked down to the elevator, pressed the button, waited, went inside, pressed another button, walked up to the front desk, and politely asked for a key to my room with a smile on my face.

I heard you’ve recently purchased a home and are doing some renovations. What is your favorite thing about your new place, and what is one thing you’d do to your house if the budget wasn’t a limiting factor?
My favorite thing about the house is the casita because when the in-laws visit, there is a place where I can send them, you know, so they can get a break from the kids.

If budget wasn’t a factor, I would have a basement with a secret entrance point added and not let my wife know, but, unfortunately, I am pretty sure no budget could make all that possible.

Would you rather shrink to 1 inch or grow to 3 stories? Why?
This one is pretty easy; I would shrink to 1 inch. It’s a matter of percentages as 1 inch is a reduction of 98.62% and 3 stories is an increase of about 500%. Thus, my retirement account would go much further if I shrunk than if I grew to 3 stories. Also, I am pretty sure this is the basis of a movie that had Matt Damon in it.

Would you rather have more time or more money? Why?
Again, for me, this is easy more time. While it is true that having more money can buy you time, it is a limited gain because, at some point, I wouldn’t have any more time left. If I am given more time, I can always make more money. I also believe this was addressed in many movies, particularly the Highlander. That dude was supposed to live forever, and he accumulated quite a lot over time.