Wednesday 10.11.2023


Wednesday 10.11.2023


Dead Stop Deadlifts
6 x 2

3 Rounds:
10 Half Squat Pallof Presses (each side)
10 Banded Side Plank Punches (each side)

Nutrition of the Week:
Competition Week

You made it! This week is where you let all your training and preparation sink in. Stick to familiar foods and even though workouts are ramping down, continue to feed your body so you are ready to go on Saturday. Make sure that you have your competition day fuel prepped and ready to go. These should be foods that you are used to eating and want to reach for in between workouts when you might not want to eat, but you know you need to. Stay hydrated and do your best to sleep well. Relax and celebrate how far you’ve come over the past few weeks!