Wednesday 11.30.2022


Wednesday 11.30.2022


4, 5 Minute AMRAPs:

Row for Meters
5- Minute Rest

Nutrition of the Week:
Let’s talk about the idea of letting go of perfection when it comes to your nutrition. It’s tough when you’re in the thick of the holiday season and find yourself saying, it’s ok-I’ll be back on track on Monday. Then Monday rolls around and you think, maybe next Monday. Embrace the idea that we have new opportunities each day, each meal, each snack to make better choices. Let go of the guilt-you can enjoy life and also have goals, sounds sustainable doesn’t it? You can do both. It’s not going to be perfect. So you enjoyed your holiday-AWESOME! I hope you made some good memories, had some laughs, and got some time to relax. Now we are starting a new week full of opportunities to eat well and work out. Let yourself be ok with making ‘pretty good’ choices most of the time.
• Build balanced meals and snacks-each one should include a protein, a fat, and a carb
• Hydrate-bring your water bottle along to events, shopping, etc
• Sleep-try a meditation app, journal before bed, shut off electronics 2 hours before bedtime
• Give yourself a head start by doing some meal prep, or treat yourself to a meal prep service, it’s a busy time of year
• Stock some grab and go snacks in your car/purse/gym bag, you’ll be less likely to hit the drive thru or grab 1,000 desserts if you aren’t hangry