Wednesday 2.14.2024


Wednesday 2.14.2024


“Crystal Palace”
7 Minute AMRAP:
teams of 3
50 Front Squats (135/95)
50 Front Squats (185/125)
AMRAP – Front Squats (225/155)
3-minute rest

7 Minute AMRAP:
50 Bench Press (135/95)
50 Bench Press (155/105)
AMRAP – Bench Press (185/125)
3-minute rest

7 Minute AMRAP:
50 Deadlift (185/125)
50 Deadlift (225/155)
AMRAP – Deadlift (275/185)

Box Brief:
It’s that time of year again. The Open is upon us!

That means for 4-weeks we will over analyze our strategies, diets and workout partners. We may lose sleep and sanity while we stay up refreshing the leader board. Hoping this is the year you take down Tia!

To go through something this challenging, you need a support group. What better way than throwing down with some friends at Apollo?

Introducing… The Apollo CrossFit Open. 

Our in house competition will work in tandem with the 3-Week CrossFit Games Open. However, we are adding a fourth week of additional fun and games to keep the party going.

Every Thursday, starting February 29rd, CrossFit HQ will announce an individual workout.

Along with completing The Open workout, you will have to opportunity to earn points for your team with Unique Weekly Challenges. These challenges can be anything from doing burpees in the produce section at Smith’s to leaving a Google review. The goal is to have fun and make lasting memories.

The 4th Saturday will be a BIG day to earn A LOT of points for your team to close out the competition. We will have a pickleball tournament, potluck, and Row/Nerf Gun Challenge.

At the end of the 4-week competition, we will crown our Apollo Open Team Champions!