Wednesday 7.21.2021


Wednesday 7.21.2021


1 Hang Clean & Jerk + 1 Clean & Jerk

10 Minute AMRAP:
teams of 3
Clean and Jerks @75-85% of today’s complex

Tomorrow’s Forecast:
Slam Balls – Sit-ups – Bike

Box Brief:
Saturday Night Yoga is back! Save the date for Saturday July 31st at 7pm. It is free for all members and $10 for anyone else. If you have it, please bring a yoga mat, blocks, straps and a bolster. See you then!

Doctors of Physical Therapy, Dr. Erica and Dr. Joe of White Wong PT are holding another FREE clinic on Saturday the 31st at 11am. Their focus will be on improving the strength of your pelvic floor for lifting and jumping workouts.

Recovery of the Week:
Recovery Strategies: How to Know When to Take a Day Off (and When to Keep Going)

For seven years, Elsie Jahn pushed her body to the limit. She started CrossFit in 2011 when she was 21, and by 2012 she was training six or seven days a week. Jahn spent the summer doing a CrossFit competition every weekend, and by September she was so exhausted she took an entire month off. When Jahn returned to training, she didn’t feel recovered. Even after a month’s rest she felt an overwhelming urge to nap most of the day and had trouble regulating her emotions.

Then in 2015 Jahn’s life got even more stressful. She opened her own gym and continued to train for at least two hours a day. The aches and pains accumulated. A shoulder injury prevented her from lifting any weight overhead, and she found her strength decreasing, even though she was training more.

In 2018 Jahn decided she’d had enough. She completely stopped training and closed her gym in 2019.“
I was sick of working all the time,” Jahn said.

“I was sick of training. I actually barely trained in 2019. I just was not excited about it. I didn’t want to do it,” she said.

Rest and recovery are essential parts of training, but it can be difficult for some CrossFit athletes to strike the right balance. Some athletes, like Jahn, push themselves to the brink, not realizing they’re sabotaging their own progress by training too often. Other athletes struggle with motivation and take too much time off then wonder why they aren’t improving.
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Written by: Hilary Achauer