Wednesday 10.4.2023


Wednesday 10.4.2023


20 Minute EMOM:
Minute 1 – 5 Pull-ups or 3 Bar Muscle-ups
Minute 2 – Hang Clean + Split Jerk or Push Jerk

Nutrition of the Week:
What does it mean to be fully fueled? In terms of macro counting-this means that we are eating at MAINTENANCE levels or higher. If you are tracking your weight in some way (scale, measurements, photos, fav pants) it should be stable, you may see changes in body composition, but overall we are looking for stability. So how do you know if you are fueled?

                -How do you feel pre and post workout?

                -How is your recovery from workouts? Are you super sore, or feeling ready to train?

                -How are your energy levels throughout the day?

                -How is your mood?

                -How is your sleep?

This week, pay attention to your biofeedback by asking yourself these questions and then make adjustments as needed.