Wednesday 12.21.2022


Wednesday 12.21.2022

Strict Press
3 @ 70% of 1RM
3 @ 80%
3+ @ 90%

15 Minute EMOM:
1 Split Jerk

Nutrition of the Week:
Goal setting for the new year, planning a cut etc.

Hey Apollo! As the year ends in the next week and a half, set aside some time to think about how 2022 went and what your goals are for 2023. The same way that you can periodize your fitness training (or break it into segments), you can periodize your nutrition. Start by dividing your year into quarters and look back at each section. Ask yourself three questions regarding your nutrition:
What did I do well?
Where can I improve?
What will I do next time?
Once you’ve gotten these questions answered for each of the 4 quarters of 2022, notice some trends-maybe you really struggled during the holidays or maybe summertime was where things fell off. Maybe you started the year strong with the Open and then things dropped off. Next, look forward to 2023. Do you have any big events, vacations, competitions coming up? Need to build some muscle for a comp in Feb? Want to have visible abs for the beach vacation in July? Or would you prefer to focus on health markers like sleeping better, having more energy throughout your day? Maybe you would rather build on what you’ve started this year if you’ve been adhering to the basics of staying hydrated and hitting your protein.

No matter what your goals are, planning things like cuts or gains out in advance will save you a lot of trouble. Take action instead of reacting to every pound up or down. I’m here to help!