Wednesday 9.20.2023


Wednesday 9.20.2023


Every 90 Seconds for 21 Minutes:
Clean + Hang Clean + Shoulder to Overhead

Nutrition of the Week:
As we gear up for the Apollo Games happening on OCTOBER 14th, I’d like you to think about what your current training plan is and how do you anticipate your current training changing (if at all) to prepare for the competition. (Adding in extra practice, 2+ workouts a day, etc)

Think about your goals for the comp: are you looking to set a PR for the lifting complex? Do you want to increase your aerobic capacity? Are you looking to improve your overall health/fitness?

Where are you at with your nutrition right now? (Tracking macros, eating ‘clean’, nothing at all). Have you done a competition before? What went well? Were you able to eat the day of, or did nerves get the best of you? How did you feel the day after?

If you are starting from the beginning, my goal for you this week is to begin eating protein at each meal, with a good goal being roughly your bodyweight or goal bodyweight in grams of protein. You can also think of it as including a portion of protein at each meal about the size of your palm.